A Religion of Comfort

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We have a new religion in town, it is called the Religion of Comfort. People everywhere are joining this religion for the sole purpose of attaining more material possessions. In today's culture, comfort is synonymous with wealth or materialism. It not wrong to acquire the so-called comforts of life to make one feel materially comfortable and "happy". This is normal human thinking and behavior. However, when we focused our energies solely on acquiring wealth by all means and paying less attention to the spiritual aspect of our being we are fulfilling only one aspect of our existence. This way of thinking will cause us to join the Religion of Comfort.

The Religion of Comfort alters our way of thinking. Our egos are inflated and we are not our brothers and sisters keepers anymore. We are driven by greed and negative selfish actions which hinders our true inner potential. This religion blinds our judgment, since we are fixated on acquiring more wealth. We justify our actions simply by numbing our spiritual inner-self. Joining the Religion of Comfort is easy, since it requires of us only to lust after materialism. Life is NOT only about attaining wealth ONLY, it's also about attaining spiritual growth linked to a Higher Spiritual Source. We are all spiritual beings linked to a Higher Spiritual Source and not until we come to this realization will we free our selves from the Religion of Comfort.

I am not saying that we should abandon the comforts of life and go live in a cave. This is not what I am proposing. What is essentially wrong today is the personal inner passion in some of us to acquire ONLY material possessions at all cost. Some people who are part of this religion would do anything to attain wealth...Anything! Our focus in life should be balanced with both a spiritual and a material component. And both components should have a positive reason and reality attached to them.

Many people today escape from the realities of life when they abuse alcohol or drugs, as well as applying other negative circumstances in their lives to make themselves "feel good". What they are actually doing, is simply numbing their inner true potential. Life and nature create in each of us the ability to withstand every pressure that may come our way without using any crutches that may prevent us from attaining true inner happiness. True happiness lies deep within our hearts and minds and this is one primary portion of nature's comforts. Being caught up in the rat race of wanting to have more "things" than one can basically afford is also another way of inviting greed into one's life and this is also part of the Religion of Comfort. There is but one secret to life and that secret is finding truth!

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A Religion of Comfort

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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