Chardham and the merging of soul with the divine flame

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There is an influence of religion in India and it has been since the ancient time. The fact of the matter remains that religion is embedded not only in the body and minds of the people of India but also in their souls too. India is a diverse country in terms of religion also apart from the natural beauty of the surroundings and there are all the major religions of the world in this country that that have their pilgrimage tours for the happiness and prosperity of the people in this land.

When it comes to the Hindu religion, you have the different pilgrim places in the country and these include the temples and shrines in the hills but one of the revered tourist pilgrimages is the char dham yatra. You need to know the facts of this yatra before you practically perform this. The literal meaning of the chardham yatra packages means the four abodes and the goal of performing this type of pilgrimage is to eradicate the sins and achieve the prosperity. Hindus believe in these yatras to get the blessings of the different deities. There are crores of deities in this religion and the people who follow Hinduism generally believe in some principal deities.

In the chardham yatra, you have the first spot by the name Yamunotri and this is located in the wonderful state of Uttaranchal. Yamunotri is a goddess as mentioned in the scriptures of the Hindu religion and the tourist enjoys the greater blessings as he takes the dip near the source of river Yamuna. It is believed that lord Krishna who was also the king of Dwarka used to play on the banks of river Yamuna. It is really a chilling experience and from here you proceed to another spot by the name Gangotri considered as the twin sister of Yamunotri.

Ganga is the most sacred rivers in the religion of Hinduism and it is said that of the individual takes a dip in this river, his sins of not only one birth but all the births will be wiped off as Hinduism is a religion that believes in the rebirth and the reincarnation theory. The spot of Gangotri is chilled and as you take the dip near the source, you will feel cleansed and a sense of spiritual elevation will come on you. You can enjoy the char dham tour with the splendid chardham yatra packages.

The fact of the matter remains that if you take the package tours, you can save the money and besides this, there will be facilities like the cuisines and the accommodation at all these four spots. The third in the list is Kedarnath. It is a wonderful place and is the abode of lord Shiva and there is a very old temple in this place surrounded by mountains. You see those babas with the puffs and chillams totally merged into spirituality. From Kedarnath, you proceed to Badrinath and this is the final destination and the spot of Lord Vishnu.

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Chardham and the merging of soul with the divine flame

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Chardham and the merging of soul with the divine flame

This article was published on 2011/11/12