How To Ensure Safety When Taking Taxis

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Solo travelers may find some relief and comfort in the many maxi cabs that are offered outside of airports and train stations, offering airport transfer and rides to area lodging. These cars are typically privately-owned and may accommodate more than one fare at a time to nearby-destinations. It goes without saying that travelers should never get into a car or maxi cabs that are not clearly marked and identifiable.

Whether driving independently through new places or if taking hired buses or maxi cabs around the city, always be cognizant and aware of the surroundings. This includes details about the location, the people around, signs if visible- make mental notes during travels to assess any potential dangers that could be right in front of the traveler's eyes. Also, when instincts warn or act up, follow them. Don't fight or quell instinctual "gut" feelings that might be trying to keep harm at bay.

Try to have small bills on hand for paying cab-fares so that the need to rummage through purses, wallets, or bags is not done in front of strangers, drivers, or even passers-by. One never knows who could be taking stock of prospective targets to rob or victimize. Also, be sure to have enough cash on hand to cover an airport transfer or ride to the hotel after dark, as many drivers do not accept any other forms of payment. Getting stuck walking in unfamiliar territory at night could be a disaster waiting to happen.

One popular scam is based on creating a distraction; some ill-intended individuals may start a fight or make a commotion to get attention away while another steals or takes onlookers' belongings. Don't let attention stray from keeping an eye on belongings, bags, and wallets at all times. Seasoned thieves know that most travelers carry their important items and valuables in carry-on luggage or bag, and they will target these when looking to commit a crime.

Abandon the fanny or waist pack also. Besides the fact that they went out of style twenty years ago, they also can create opportunity for victimization and theft. These are ideal for thieves, who are able to cut these swiftly away and get off with a person's money, wallet, ID, and other items of value. A pouch hung around the neck or a money-belt is a safer- and more stylish- alternative.

When booking rooms and making reservations, consider hotels that offer free or reduced airport shuttles or transfers to and from the hotel. Even if the hotel is priced slightly higher than others, this will ensure prompt and courteous service to the airport as needed without delay or risk. Cabs may seem like an indulgence to many while traveling, but actually they are simply a convenience and an alternative to car rentals or public transportation schedules. Be sure to consider the cost of cabs and taxis when budgeting and saving for trips or vacations. While sharing cabs is one way to cut costs, be wary and vigilant regarding this as many schemers may try to get solo-travelers isolated so as to rob or scam them while they are distracted by the unfamiliar surroundings.

A small amount of effort and attention can avoid the small chance of becoming targeted by shady scam-artists while traveling. Be aware, follow instincts, and use common sense when visiting other areas, and enjoy the destination a bit safer.


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How To Ensure Safety When Taking Taxis

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How To Ensure Safety When Taking Taxis

This article was published on 2013/09/10
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