Power of Transformation

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Why to repeat the same self-defeating behavior year after year? The key is to find a way to live more and more in the present. The Power of Spiritual Healing is a powerful program that helps you understand the challenges in your life and take ownership over issues that may seem overwhelming.

Sci Divine workshops are wide-ranging exploration of knowledge, practices and tools for leading a conscious, spiritual life. Whether you are just going aboard on a spiritual path, or have been studying spirituality for years, you will benefit from its unique combination of information, experiential processes and resources.

As we move out of the country for better changes Sci Divine also moved out of its country and it flied to Dubai on a massive Devotees Demand and curiosity for Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji.

Yes! Good news for the people for Dubai and Middle East Countries. Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji is such a person who helps people to actualize their natural brilliance by supporting them in releasing past distress and by sharing solutions which enhance spiritual consciousness in the midst of everyday life. The occasion will be addressed by honorable chairman Mr.Rajesh Goyal

Sci Divine Workshops are designed to enhance one's ability to gain greater access to one's inner self – using meditation and scientific techniques from Ancient Indian traditions. Participants benefit by acquiring a comprehensive sessions to manage life's expected ups and downs. It consists of the wonderful Maha Medha Kriya which has been proved a boon for all the career aspirants, working professionals -an established scientific technique for multifold increase in mental ability and intelligence of the students ensuring outstanding success in academic performance and competitive exams by enhancement of memory, concentration and confidence.



Sci Divine experiential exercises, moralizing teaching and group interaction you will be on the path to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

For more details contact

Mr. Rajesh Goyal
Chairman, Sci-D'vine Governing Council
e-mail: rajesh.noida@scidivine.net
phone: +91 120 4346600

Official Website : www.scidivine.net

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Power of Transformation

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This article was published on 2010/09/14
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